Hey Queen

I'm Leanne, it's so nice to meet you!

Mom to Beau & Lennox, wife, Forbes featured multimillionaire business & money mentor, keynote speaker, top ranked podcast host, and trailblazing wealth activator for women.

My Mission

I am obsessed with showing you how to activate your inner Rich Queen and build the 7 figure business of your dreams: your way.


I believe that big money in the hands of women will change the future paradigms of wealth. I believe that it is your birthright to be RICH and to have and experience a RICH life.



Once Upon a Time...

I was an international corporate executive, traveling the world and it seemed like I had it all.

I was making well over 6 figures, was newly married, and had made the move back to the USA, just in time to have my son, Beau. After taking some time off of work completely to adjust to new mom life in sunny Jupiter Florida, I found myself daydreaming about building and running my own business rather than pursuing my childhood dream of being the CEO of someone else's. 

Although I had always earned great money scaling 8 & 9 figure businesses since starting my corporate career at the tender age of 23, my relationship with money was fast and furious and I struggled with non-stop credit card debt and very little savings. 

Due to my money patterns (and the stories of instability financially in entrepreneurship) I decided to return to take the ‘safe option’ and take yet another corporate job. 

I finally took the plunge

and attended an event for female entrepreneurs to try and figure out what it was that I really wanted. 

It was during these two days that I finally realized that I didn’t really want to be a corporate CEO or any of the things that had previously looked so good on paper. In fact, I was killing myself working all the hours at my corporate job, yet no amount of income could fill the void that I felt in my heart. I wanted to be creative, fulfilled and my unapologetic, authentic self (rather than being the only female in board rooms filled with men I wanted to build & fill my own rooms with Trailblazer women). 

I signed up for a $30,000 Mastermind...

after only 3 days, specific for female entrepreneurs.

Me, with no business, but a burning desire to use my skills and zones of genius to help other women.

I wanted so much to teach and help women step into their power in the way that I had been able to help so many people during my 10 year international corporate career. I wanted the impact that I had been craving for so long. I wanted to run a female founded business for women (I was done with boardrooms full of men). I finally gave myself a date that I would leave being an employee for becoming an entrepreneur. December 2020 was my deadline.

In February 2020, the company I was working for, the very one providing me with a six-figure salary...

suddenly declared for bankruptcy.

Within two weeks, I went from being a corporate executive to unemployed.  

Then it hit me...


Immediately I was filled with a mixture of fear and excitement. This felt like the sign that I had been looking for and so, I launched my coaching business for women weeks before the world shut down and life as we knew it, changed.

On paper, it should have been a disaster.

Yet somehow, I was able to scale to 6 figures in year 1 of my business. Not just that, but I launched my podcast and was published over 14 times, including 3 times in Forbes and built a multimillion dollar Air BNB property empire with my husband Justin.... becoming a multimillionaire within 2 years of launching my business.  

Don’t get me was NOT pretty. But, amidst the chaos emerged the realization that I LOVED teaching women to market & sell organically online, create wealth and make a real impact. To help them step fully into being the Rich Queen that I already knew they were. 


In 2022, I had my second son Lennox, set fire to my entire business model, dropped down to working 3 days per week and had my first 7 figure year. 

I stepped fully into sharing my money evolution work that i had been doing myself for the last 2 years and within just a few months began to hit consistent 6 figure cash months.


In 2023, I hit a $2.4M year: without a big team sales calls or ads celebrating a $300K November and $427K cash December (with just 10K followers on IG). 


In 2024, I have started with a *bang* hitting over $501K cash in January and preparing to shoot for the cover of GOSS Magazine as 'the female coaching industry Trailblazer.' 

I'm living my dream life!

I am living my very own Rich Queen life. Making millions whilst helping thousands of women do the same. All whilst living a life rich in love, experiences, memories and money (lots of it) with my husband Justin and two tiny humans Beau and Lennox. 

Now it's your turn...



Learn to activate your inner Trailblazer & build a 7 figure business your way!

I’m obsessed with helping you become a Rich Queen using your inner Trailblazer to build a 7 figure business with my signature simple, highly effective, organic audacity marketing strategies & money evolution work that you have never experienced before. 



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