These 3 questions created MILLIONS for me (and will for you too) 💸

energy mindset money Mar 22, 2021

I used to think that if I just learned one more strategy. If I just took one more program with another coach, another mentor, THAT would be the secret to me achieving $1m a year in my business. 

Want to know something, though? 

There is a reason that there are so many women earning $100k months and million dollar years using SO many different strategies: high ticket, low ticket, ads, no ads..........

It's not what they are doing.... it is WHO they are being. 

In 2022, when I had Lennox and created a 7 figure year.... it wasn't what I did.... it was WHO I was when I was doing it. 

I asked myself 3 very significant questions that shifted everything for me:

1. What do I want to experience more of in this business? 

2. Who would I need to BE (what would I need to believe about myself and others) to create those experiences?

3. What do I need to DO to create those results? 

It's not just the money you want.... it's the experience.

I wanted to experience money coming in every day.

I wanted to experience waking up to payments received.

I wanted to experience selling what I wanted to sell and having the time of my life whilst doing it.

The biggest shift that created the $1,006,238 was not question 3, but in fact question 2.

The reason?

Because in asking myself who I needed to BE, I identified the conditions and beliefs I currently had around being able to receive those experiences. 

I was able to then work on SHIFTING those beliefs and REMOVING those conditions.

Did it happen overnight? Absolutely not. 


Over time.... I did shift.

And so too did the results. 

And the greatest thing is that it is SO simple; all you need to do is go back to these questions.

Pay attention to who you are BEING.

In the micro moments of you day....

How would the version of you doing $100k months drink her coffee?

How would she show up and write content?

What would she say?

What would she sell?

Now MOVE from her beliefs, move from her energy, move from her BELIEF.


And watch how EVERYTHING begins to change 

Watch this YT short to help anchor this work 



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